Thursday, August 30, 2012

Seasons of Chicken

Hello and welcome to the official blog of Red Bird Farms. Just in time for the end of summer. For those of you looking for more insight into what Red Bird has to offer more will come. In general Red Bird is all natural, hormone free chicken. Never frozen with no additives. We are a Colorado Proud product and we extend as far West as California. Of course we are always looking to expand our business and will be constantly working toward that commitment on a daily basis. As we come to the end of the summer also comes an end to barbecues and grilling. Of course Red Bird Chicken is delicious off of a grill, but never fear, Red Bird Chicken is multi seasonal and is good in all things. Grilling in the summer, Entrees for the fall, Soups in the winter, Delicious Spring salads. Of course Red Bird Chicken is not limited to any of these. We will post some delicious recipes for you to try out and we will expand your knowledge, your love and your harmony with Red Bird Chicken. Enjoy our posts and like us on Facebook for more information.